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Where Dead is the New Alive

19 August 1988
All Hell Breaks Loose - Supernatural Australian Convention

I'm one hell of FREAK! (Which is a compliment if you ask me!) I am in NO way socially suave, sofisticated or graceful! I like art, guys, Television, music, friends AND FOOD! Food is not simply chemical energy waiting to be absorbed; it's beautiful, it's art and i love it (to the extent of not being fat). Some of my fave shows are Supernatural, Smallville, Stargate, Simpsons, Futurama, Battlestar Gallactica, True Blood, Desperate Houswives.

Well, a little description is in order. *ahem* I am of an average height, i have brown hair, even though my hair was naturually blonde. I fancy myself to be a fairly competent artist, articulate, insane, and a terrible singer. In terms of TV and movies I love horror movies, all that blood. I like comedy, it's one of the few things that make me laugh. Oh and food, nothing makes me feel better than a steaming bowl of curry, a rich plate of Spaghetti bolegnaise, a varied platter of Anti Pasto (i cant spell it!) and last but most certainly not least, chocolate the way i love my men, dark - 75% in fact. And the only thing that goes perfectly with dark choclate (I hope you see where I'm going) is coffee. Sensual, satisfying, aromatic coffee.

A warning, I do generate alot of slash art. There will be much Supernatural fanart. If you cant handle NSFW material, leave now.

If your not deterred by all this give me an add.

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